General Condition



Our villas for rent in Bali are very affordable and the site information is complete with the villa description and detail of the services. The price offered includes the villa amenities and services and government tax, unless there is surcharge will be in addition for purposes based on condition applied. We ensure that the full payment is required on the date of your arrival. Please note that we recommend our guests to read carefully and understand term and condition applied before sending the confirmation. We commit to offer the best rate and services than others or any promotion.



Deposit of 50% of full payment is required on confirmation and the balance should be made on the day of arrival. 
We require you to proceed the deposit within 10 days after the invoice issued and we consider the payment done based on the date of the transfer made. The payment over due due will result the booking release.

Payment by credit card will be converted into local currency based on the rate of date of payment and bank charge 3% is applicable. 
 * Please note that some villas require full payment made 60 to 30 days prior to arrival 
 * We consider amount that we received as the deposit. Should there be any additional fee (transfer fee, bank fee, credit card fee, etc) it's not responsibility of the agency



For any condition out of our term, the booking may be canceled automatically and without prior notice.



Following the immigration law in Indonesia, on your arrival you will be required to give the copy of your passport to owner of the villa to be legally registered to the local police office and inform your period stay. 
The registration fee is IDR 25.000/person or 3 USD or 1.80 Euros/person.



Check in time: between16 pm and 19 pm. 
Check out time: Before 12 pm



Bali Nadipa Tour highly advises to the guest to keep any valuable belongings in safety box provided in the villa. The agent and the villa are not responsible for any lost occurred in the villa. We require 24 hours notice a confirmation of transferring out time to the airport. BALI NADIPA TOUR is fully not responsible for any missed or delayed flight.



All customers must undertake to abide by all local regulation and laws. Places must be left as clean as when you arrive. 
Pets are welcome with notice and should be informed in advance to the agent or the owner.



For any change or cancellation after confirmation due to external reason will be considered by the agent. 
All requests for changes to bookings must be made in writing and should be informed as early as possible and entitle the reimbursement of full payment that has been made by the customer.



All cancellations must be notified by customer in writing. The cancellation fee is charged according to the following circumstances: 
More than 45 day priors to expected arrival date results 40% of full payment. 
Between 45 and 30 days priors to expected arrival date results 50% of full payment.
Between 30 and 21 days priors to expected arrival date results 70% of full payment.
Between 21 days and the date of check in should be charged full payment.
Subject to cancellation, if the villa is rented to another party for the period of initial booking, refund will be made equivalent to 70% of total payment. Use of swimming pools: it will be customers' responsibility to undertake all necessary precautions for the use of these facilities; it is recommended to be well supervised to young children. The customer agrees to entire responsibility to any accident or injured occurred to the customer them self.



For all reclaims relating to your rental villa, it is advised to contact us as soon as possible.


Detail condition in general, facilities and services, function and event are notified in writing, and BALI NADIPA TOUR is fully not responsible for any functions and event not mentioned on it. 
The number of guest permitted at a function should be as written on contract or as confirmed. The additional number of guest staying in the villa in the same period should be informed to the owner and the agent is not responsible for any additional charge from the owner.



All villas are fully furnished. The owner guarantees for the quality of the furniture are in good condition. Facilities and services of the villas are available in detail of each villa.



The customer should not personally interfere for any issue of the swimming pool such as the pump of the pool.



Agent is officially not responsible for any tear, damage or loss occur in the Villa such as water services, electricity, telephone, etc. It is also applicable for any act in private or public functions and event and construction site should not be demonstrated against the agent.



In general, for any potential booking, the agent requires refundable deposit as a guarantee. The deposit must be paid to the owner on the day of arrival and it is used to reimburse the cost of damage, tear or loss. This deposit will be returned on the date of departure. For any damage or tear should be reimbursed at the same day or within 10 days and the cost will be deducted from the refundable deposit. For some cases, it could possibly cause you to terminate the contract of stay if you do not take an action. BALI NADIPA TOUR is not paying the deposit since the customer is fully responsible.



We draw our customers on an individual condition, and should be applied as different case to the Hotel term and condition or other tourist services. 
In certain case, the agent provides detail information in writing concerning facility, service and cancellation fee. 
We wish you good holiday in your villa in Bali, any complaint should be informed immediately for further appropriate solution and more than 7 (seven) days should not be considered.



Agent provides transport services for airport pick up and drop off. However, any problem or inconvenience during the service, it is recommended to speak directly to the agent.

The agent could arrange transportation arrangement such as motorbike or car rental for the customer. Any how the customer should contact immediately to the car rental for any reclamation relating to transport service and the car rental will take an action against it or provide immediately alternative transport of equal. The security and insurance of the transportation services is fully responsible of the car rental. In fact, BALI NADIPA TOUR shall be ready to assist with professional service at all times.



Selected and trusted agent: service providers and correspondents with the utmost care and professional team to assist you on travelling choice and good holiday. However, despite our offer and our alertness, the imponderable can happen. In these cases, very rare and whatever the reasons for your claim, you can count on our commitment to make every effort to satisfy you with highest level of quality.