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Bali Orchid Garden Bali Nadipa Tour

Bali Orchid Garden Tour is one of the best Bali Activities Tour to see before to East Bali Tour, the garden lies within the green belt close to Sanur, Bali. The hectare of landscaped tropical gardens provides a peaceful, relaxing environment where exquisite orchids bloom throughout the year. The botanical garden is open for individual tourists, tour groups and private functions. Within this relaxing tropical garden haven grow many different tropical plants from Cordylines, Bromeliads, Heliconia, Aroids, Pitcher plants (nepenthes) and many more from Indonesia and abroad.

Orchids range from showy cattleya and vanda hybrids to a large range of indonesian species. Bali Orchid Garden offers a number of services such as landscaping, Tours and hosting of special functions. The souvenir shop is well stocked with a wide variety of products for sale. Friendly staff are available to escort and explain the wide variety of tropical plants, help you discover many orchid treasures while touring the garden, or assist with your purchase of a memento from the shop. Flower boxes can be ordered to take overseas.


Product Available For Purchase at Bali Orchid Garden

Coffe Luwak

Bali Orchid Garden | Coffe Luwak

Coffee Luwak is considered one of the finest coffees available. The majority of commercial Indonesian Kopi Luwak (civet coffee) is from Java and Sumatra or Sulawesi, and made from Robusta beans; Tastes of Indonesia sources its Kopi Luwak exclusively from the high quality Arabica plantations and is therefore considered to be of superior quality to other varieties.

Bali Orchid Garden is the sole supplier of Tastes of Indonesia Kopi Luwak. Beans can be purchased in small or wholesale quantities at competitive prices. Ground Tastes of Indonesia Kopi Luwak is sold at the gardens and selected outlets in sealed 10gm and 50gm gift packs.

Orchid Flasks

Bali Orchid Garden | Orchid Flasks

Bali Orchid Garden can supply seedling orchids in sterile flasks suitable for export to most countries. Because orchids need to be grown in a sterile medium these flasks pose  no threat to introduction of disease to the country of destination.

The agricultural authorities in most countries will allow a small number of flasks to be  carried in personal luggage, but you will need to declare them and they will need to be  inspected by the authorities.

As long as the sealing on the flask has not been disturbed there should be no reason for fungus or other disease to enter. The pressurisation and  de-pressurisation during travel can sometimes allow air to enter the flask but it will not do  so if the seal is maintained.


Bali Orchid Garden | Jewelry

Gold orchid jewellery is made from real orchids. Suitably selected flowers are taken through several  stages of preparation before being coated with 24 carat gold. The flowers are then assembled into items of jewellery by soldering.

Some samples of our gold plated orchid jewellery are seen below. Our jewellery selection also includes a variety of solid gold molded orchids and real dried orchids pressed  within the item of jewellery.

The variety of designs of ear-rings, pendants, brooches from our suppliers are regularly changing and being  updated

Flower Box

Bali Orchid Garden | Flower Box

Flower Boxes are one of our features and the only product like it available in Bali.

  • Boxes of mixed  tropical flowers can include Heliconia, Anthuriums and Orchids. You  may choose your own combination or rely on our floral arrangement staff to produce a beautiful combination for you.
  • Boxes of orchids can be individually selected to include Dendrobiums, Mokara or a mixture of orchids. Discuss your preferences with our floral arrangers.
  • Boxes can be purchased to take home with complete Government  Health Certificate provided enabling import into your country. We can deliver to your hotel.

Cut Flowers

Bali Orchid Garden | Cut Flowers

Bali Orchid Garden's beautiful and relaxing tropical garden has a large variety of tropical flowers and orchids blooming throughout the year. It is open for individual tourists or tours groups. There are also flowers and plants available to purchase.

Bali Orchid Garden are working in collaboration with The IndonesianGovernment Horticultural Department and Bogor University to develop an Export flower market in Bali and Indonesia. Cooperatives with village farmers are being established to grow  plants and supply a range of high quality flowers for both the local and export flower market.


Bali Orchid Garden Tour Entrance Ticket :

  • Adult : 100.000 IDR
  • Child : 50.000 IDR


  • Entrance ticket is not include any transfer
  • Additional transfer  :  ( 2  -  6 paxs )
  • Transfer Rates are :
    • Kuta/Tuban Area : 175.000 IDR/Car
    • Ubud/Tanah Lot    : 300.000 IDR/Car
    • Seminyak                  : 200.000 IDR/Car
    • Pecatu/Uluwatu   : 275.000 IDR/Car
    • Sanur                           : 175.000 IDR/Car
    • Nusa Dua                   : 250.000 IDR/Car

What To Bring :

  • Modest cloth,
  • hat,
  • camera,
  • money,
  • sun glasses
  • sun screen.